When you know it's real - ERYN SCOTT

When you know it’s real

I finished it! The first draft of that political romance I’ve been hinting at is officially done. And I love it! I’m most parts obsessed with both where the story went and how my main characters turned out.

You wanna know what’s funny though?

The first thing I did after writing — er — typing that very last word… I started a list of all the things I already knew I would have to go back and change, beef up, add, etc. And while (I’ll admit) that the list does take a teensie bit of the skip out of my step, slumps my shoulders forward slightly (because it’s a lot of work), it also put a huge smile on my face.

After wondering for a baby-second if it was possible that I’d gone crazy finishing this draft in the better part of a month, I realized what that smile really meant. That smile, the fact that it was there even in the face of so much work, reminded me that I love what I do. It’s real. I’m excited to do the hard work, to make this story the best it can be, to roll up my sleeves and get started.


So here I go. Again and again. Always.