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What I’ve Been Reading

Hey website friends.

It’s been a while since I posted what I’ve been reading lately, so I thought it would be fun to let you know.

One of my more favorite activities is to go on a daily walk and listen to an audiobook. I’ll try to delineate which books I’ve read and which I’ve listened to, if that makes a difference to anyone.

Ya’ll, basically Jenny Colgan could write a grocery list and I think I would love it. My good friend recommended The Cafe by the Sea to me and I GOBBLED IT UP. Seriously. I told everyone (I think even a few strangers) about how ADORABLE it was. Obviously I had to read the sequel The Endless Beach when that came out earlier this year. LOVED. Heart broken. Tears. Laughter. Everything. Needless to say, I’m SO looking forward to the third book, Christmas on the Island, which comes out next week. I read these, but kinda wish I’d  gotten them on audio. I suppose I could listen to them again, though. Having loved Flora and the people of Mure so much, I decided to try another of Jenny’s books. Could she do it again? Could I possibly love the characters as much as I loved the ones in the last book? Yup. Guys, in Little Beach Street Bakery there’s bread, pain, redemption, and puffins that ride around in backpacks. I mean… 😍  Just basically, I ❤️ Jenny’s writing and you gotta read her stuff.

Okay, I know this book probably isn’t news to anyone at this point, but I adored it. The writing is witty and THE CUTEST and there’s a scene about paint ball that had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. 😂😂😂 I read this in ebook form, but bought a paperback just so I could loan it out to everyone I know. I can’t wait for her next book to come out in 2019. 🤗 Note: this gets a bit steamy in a few scenes and there is a bit of swearing, just FYI.

This series! Omigosh. I’ve listened to each one right as it’s released and I’ve not been disappointed yet. Fans of cozy mysteries, this series is well-plotted and the narrator gives a great performance, if you like to listen to your stories.

Can I get a slow-clap for Angie Thomas please? I mean, just check out all those awards! THIS BOOK IS A GIFT. It’s hard and you’ll ugly cry and feel frustrated and helpless, but it’s also amazing and filled with love and hope. I listened to this one as well (because I’m a total Bahni Turpin fangirl) and I CANNOT wait for the movie.

Camilla Monk takes quirky to another level with this delightful series. Island is the nerdy girl in all of us and she’s just gotten herself mixed up in an international race for money, power, secrets, and… sloths? This series is like a soap opera in all the best ways possible and never failed to surprise me (yes, that’s a space station on the cover of book four… 😂 I know). I listened to this whole series because… Amy McFadden. It’s action packed and has a few steamy bits and some swearing, but also so much humor you won’t know what hit you.

This book is DELIGHTFUL. DE. LIGHT. FUL. It’s a sweet YA and it seriously had me grinning and snorting in laughter. Just basically imagine the cutest possible outcome when a girl heads to Scotland to see her sister get married to a Scottish “prince” on reality TV, and that’s what you’ve got with this book. I wish I was this witty when I was a teenager. 😂 The banter in this book is a treasure.

LOVED this cozy mystery series. It’s a must-listen, for sure. The narrator’s accent really brings the Irish setting to life. Looking forward to book four.

Another cozy, and a CUTE one at that. Loved this first book in a new series so much I’ve already preordered book two. Listened to this one and thought the narrator did a great job with the characters and pacing.

Okay, I’m finishing off with one of my most favorite books from the past year or so. I have our local YA librarian to thank for recommending this gem. It is EVERYTHING. For an avid YA fantasy reader, this was the perfect book for me. It’s got multiple POVs, which I normally don’t love (especially after Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle–um… raise your hand if you skimmed Roran’s chapters to get to more dragons 🙋🏻‍♀️) but Tomi Adeyemi pulls it off. I loved every character, even the ones I started out hating. There’s magic and adventure and giant leopards with horns people ride. I mean, what more can you ask for? Again, listened to this one because it’s read by the awesome Bahni Turpin. Every time I think about having to wait until next year for book two I just want to cry, but it’ll be worth it.


Those are just a few highlights from 2017 and 2018 (gah, it’s been that long since I last posted about what I’m reading?). Obv I’ve always got a million cozies in my reading/listening pile, there’s my yearly read through of The Book Thief ❤️❤️❤️, anything new by Sophie Kinsella, and the occasional classic (reading some awesome books from the Brontë sisters right now to prep for my next Pepper book). Hope everyone’s reading some great books! Feel free to post any of your suggestions in the comments!

I’m off to finish up the third Stoneybrook mystery!