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The best kind of friends

Hello, dear readers!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been fully immersed in the characters and world of my new series. I love the setting, characters, covers, concept, and story so so much, and I’m dying to share it all with you. BUT seeing as it’s still in progress, I have to keep some things secret for a little longer.

The things I can share with you? A sneak peek at the characters!

It’s always daunting, starting a new series. I know the characters in my other series so well that sometimes it feels so difficult to try to introduce a whole new personality with completely different experiences. But all of the doubt is worth it when it works. And these new characters are definitely working. I love these fictional people already and I can’t wait to spend time with them each day during my writing sessions. They already feel like friends.

Okay, we can start with our main character, Louisa. She goes by Lou. What I love about her is that she is calm, balanced, and strong. She loves books, cats, and helping others. Lou has a cat named Sapphire (she calls him Sapphy for short). He’s a deaf white cat, so he spends most of his time curled up asleep on a stack of books. If you can convince him to wake up and peel open one of his bright blue eyes, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones.

Willow is Lou’s best friend. They’ve known each other almost their whole lives. She’s the larger than life complement to our quiet Lou. What I love about Willow is her fierceness and loyalty. Willow has a green thumb and a mischievous chestnut gelding OC (I’m going to keep you guessing for just a little longer about what that stands for).

One of the things I love most about these two friends is that they are finally getting to live in the same town after decades apart. This part is easy to write because one of my very best friends moved back home a few years ago. After close to a decade of phone calls and long airplane rides with short visits, she lives relatively close again. It’s one of the very best feelings!


The first book in this series is in the editing process, book two is plotted and in drafting mode, and I’m finally ready to share more information with you!

First of all, the books take place in a fictional Washington town, Button. It’s as cute as a button. This adorable sewing-themed town is the new home of our main character, Louisa. You see, Lou’s had a pretty awful year. She lost her husband to a heart attack. And as much as she loves her life in New York City as an editor at a major publishing house, she knows she can’t stay. There are too many memories. She moves across the country to Button to live close to her life-long best friend, Willow. It just so happens that there’s a bookshop for sale in the same town. It seems like a bittersweet dream because owning a bookshop had always been Lou and Ben’s dream.

Lou goes all in. She knows Ben would want this for her. She also knows it’s going to be hard work. What Lou doesn’t expect is a dead man to show up in the alley behind her bookshop. As she navigates the mystery Lou gets to know the quirky characters in her new home. If you love cats, bookshops, horses, goats in pajamas, quirky characters, and adorable towns, you’re going to fall in love with Button and its cast of characters.

If you’re part of my newsletter, you’ll get a sneak peek at the covers today. If not, I’ll be revealing them here on the website and on my social media accounts next week.