SUPER Tuesday

Not only is it a huge day in the presidential primary race, but it’s also my eighth book birthday!!!

Welcome to the world, Meet Me in the Middle!


This book was inspired by a good friend of mine, a self-proclaimed bleeding-heart liberal who is married to a very-right conservative. I always wondered how they made it work and so I decided to write about it. =) And I have to say, I totally get it now. I hope this book will be a good fit for all types of readers, political and non political alike. It’s written in dual POV because I really wanted it to feel balanced and I really thought we needed to be in Christopher’s head as well to make it equal.

Thank you so much to my critique group, my beta readers, and my editors for helping me make this book the best it can be. I’m one lucky girl!

If you enjoy the story, I’d love and appreciate it if you could leave a review on Amazon. =) Thank you and happy election year!