Whiskers and Words Series Info

Whiskers and Words tropes:

  • Life after loss – Lou moves her life across the country, giving up her life as a NYC editor to fulfill her and her recently deceased husband’s dream of owning their own bookshop.
  • Best friends – Lou moves to Button because her best friend Willow lives there. She and Willow are so much fun to write. I love their friendship. Learn more about them in this blog post I wrote.
  • CATS – As you might be able to tell from the covers and the series title, Lou’s bookshop is also a rescue cat sanctuary. That means there are tons of cute cats in each book.

Real places that inspired the town of Button:

I’ve placed the fictional Lakeside County right next to the real life Skagit County in Washington State. Skagit County is a beautiful place known for gorgeous views of the North Cascades Mountain Range (just the other side of it than Stoneybrook), it’s annual tulip festival in Mount Vernon, WA, and gorgeous fall foliage. If you’re ever visiting the state of Washington during April, the tulip festival is a MUST!

My Whiskers and Words playlist:

Click HERE to listen to my Spotify playlist for the Whiskers and Words books.

What to read while you wait for the next Whiskers and Words book:

I think you’ll really enjoy my Stoneybrook mysteries. This series also features cats, a small town, and best friends!

Whiskers and Words series plans:

At this point, I have no plan to end the series. As long as I continue to come up with fun scenarios for Lou, Willow, and the rest of the Button gang to get themselves into, I’ll keep writing these books!

The characters of Whiskers and Words:

Here’s how I pictured the different people in the books:

Louisa Henry

Sapphire aka Sapphy

Willow Grey

OC (short for Of Course because “a horse is a horse, of course”)

Detective Easton West

Noah Romero