Pebble Cove Series Info

Pebble Cove tropes:

  • Found family: Rosemary is a bit of a lost soul at the beginning of the series. Don’t worry! You’ll see her slowly find her place among her Pebble Cove family.
  • Ghosts: I would classify this series as light paranormal. Ghosts (and a few clairvoyants) are the only paranormal aspects of this series. A lot of readers say they enjoy this series even though they don’t normally enjoy paranormal mysteries or ghost mysteries.
  • Cute but cranky town: Pebble Cove is a small fishing town. Unlike most of my other cozy towns, when visitors find Pebble Cove, the locals hope they never come back (and they do their best to make sure they don’t have a good time lol). They’re close-knit, but only if you’re part of the local crew.
  • Cats: Not only are there regular cats, but there’s also a ghost cat! And cats who are mayors! This was inspired by a trip I took to Alaska. My friend took me to a town called Talkeetna because she knows what a cat lady I am and she told me their mayor was a cat! I knew I had to include it in a book.

Map of Pebble Cove:

Real places that inspired Pebble Cove:

I’m lucky enough to live very close to the water (I’m a short ferry ride away from Seattle) on the Puget Sound. But sometimes (ie. at least twice a year), I need to go to a beach with WAVES! The Washington Coast is just a couple hour drive for me. I’ve spent a lot of time in La Push on the Quileute tribal lands (yes, for those Twilight fans, it’s very close to Forks, WA). The beautiful pebble-y beaches, craggy cliffs, and stormy skies are my biggest inspiration behind Pebble Cove. Here are some pictures:

The Oregon Coast is also a favorite vacationing spot. One of my favorite places is a tiny town called Neskowin. It also helped shape the fictional town of Pebble Cove.

My Pebble Cove playlist:

Click HERE to access my Spotify playlist for Pebble Cove. If you don’t have Spotify, I have two words for you: Charlie Cunningham. There are other artists on the playlist too, but Charlie is my go to Pebble Cove inspiration.

The characters of Pebble Cove:

Here’s how I picture the characters:

  Rosemary Woodmere

Asher Benson

The Pebble Cove series is complete at 8 books (and a follow up novella). What to read once you’re done with this series:

I think you’ll love my second ghostly series all about the Morrisey. It’s kind of a mash up of Pebble Cove and the show Only Murders in the Building.