The Morrisey Series Info

Morrisey Series tropes:

  • Ghosts! Meg was born during a tragic accident that took her mother’s life when she was nine months pregnant. Since Meg was born of death, she can see ghosts, especially Ripley, a twenty-year-old who also died in the same accident.
  • Best friends! Meg and Ripley have an interesting relationship because Ripley’s always seen it as her duty to watch over Meg since she lost her mother before she was technically even born. For fans of the show The Gilmore Girls, I picture Meg and Ripley’s relationship a lot like Lorelai and Rory’s relationship (they’re almost friends first, but there are bursts of protectiveness/mothering from Ripley, which isn’t always welcomed by Meg. Lol).
  • Returning home! Meg’s been away for a handful of years, has hit some hard times, and is returning home to the Morrisey, the quirky Pioneer Square apartment building where she grew up. The people there are eccentric, but they’re family to Meg.
  • Cats and Dogs! 
  • 90s nostalgia! Ripley, one of our main ghostly characters, died at the end of the 90s. She experienced the height of the grunge scene in the Emerald City, and she believes the 90s were the greatest decade so she brings them and some of those 90s specific experiences up often.
  • Perfect for fans of the show Only Murders in the Building.
  • History! The building might be fictional, but Pioneer Square is a very real place in downtown Seattle and it’s full of amazing history. It’s the location of the Seattle Underground tour (which features prominently in book 2) as well as a bunch of other Seattle history. Here’s a great place to read up on the area and its rich past.

The fictional Morrisey building is set in the very real Pioneer Square section of downtown Seattle, WA:


What I listen to while writing the Morrisey books:

Because Ripley wouldn’t have it any other way, the playlist for this series is Seattle 90s grunge! (Warning: this playlist is explicit) Click HERE to listen to my grunge playlist.


Morrisey Characters:


Series plans:

At this point, I have at least 10 books planned in this series, but we’ll see how it goes! Who knows, maybe I’ll come up with many, many more!


What to read while you’re waiting for Morrisey books:

If you haven’t read my Pebble Cove series yet, that’s a great place to start! The ghostly rules in that series carry over to this one, so you’ll get used to having ghosts around just in time to meet everyone at the Morrisey in the summer of 2023.