Juicy Secrets and Rescue Kittens! | ERYN SCOTT

Juicy Secrets and Rescue Kittens!

Happy Birthday, America!

I got you something … my new book, A JUICY MURDER!

It’s the perfect July read!

It’s summertime in Stoneybrook and the town is on a juicing kick. Will the fad last after a woman is found strangled in the alley next to the juice bar? Find out in the fifth Stoneybrook Mystery.

This book has summer canning recipes, sunshine, suspects, and rescue kitties! Okay, it’s just one kitten … and she might not technically be a kitten anymore, but I still call my 7 and 8 year old cats kittens so ... 😂

Hope you love this story as much as I do!

Link below or in cover image.

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