Isles Away - ERYN SCOTT

Isles Away

It’s only been a little over a week since I got back from Scotland, but I still can’t think about the place without getting a dreamy look in my eyes and letting a deep sigh pull at my lungs.

Because, that place.


Readers, it wasn’t just the rolling green hills (I thought I knew green, living in the PNW, but Scotland has a whole different spectrum of the color), or the heather-spotted moors, or the sparkling beaches, or even the locals’ oh-so-wonderful accents that had me at hello (or “hiya” as they often say). The soul of this country is one you can’t help but fall in love with, let it settle deep into your bones until you realize that you don’t actually know how you’re going to leave.

And let me tell you, I came back BRIMMING with ideas for this book of mine. So the exciting thing for me is that, even though I did eventually have to leave, I get to spend an entire book reliving my love for this place, letting my character experience the country as I did, and sitting with my memories as I write.

I mean, just look.



Okay. Enough drooling over pictures, I have to get writing. =) Eeeee! I love starting a new book!

Want a little teaser before you go?

The book is titled The Beauty of Perhaps. It’s all about Molly Baker, a late-twenty-something who, above all else, values planning and loves the predictable (I mean, we’re talking she won’t go to a restaurant unless they have an online menu she can use to pick her meal out before hand, predictable). So, what better for someone like that to do than drop everything and take a teaching job on a remote island in a foreign country, right? Yeah… Wonder what got a girl like that to take such an adventure? Wonder what will happen once she gets there? Wonder if there’ll be a cute Scottish guy who will steal her heart?

You’ll have to wait and see!


I’m off to get started! Thanks for stopping by!