Here's a thing I do! - ERYN SCOTT

Here’s a thing I do!

Can I be honest with you?

There’s a lot I don’t know how to do. A lot. And even though I consider myself a learner, there are a few things which–to this day–intimidate the snot out of me. (Is that a saying? It’s a really odd one, if so.)

Things Eryn definitely doesn’t understand:

  • Engines – I’ve tried. Well, that’s not completely true. What I try is to not let my eyes glaze over within the first five seconds of every time my husband tries to explain to me how they work. And it’s not just cars. One time there was something wrong with one of the motors in the air-blower in my classroom. When I asked the maintenance guy what was wrong with it, he told me it was the flux capacitor. I definitely believed him, even going as far as to say, “Whoa, I didn’t realize that was a real part!” I’m convinced I’m still the butt of a story he tells people. 🤨
  • Taxes – We use a CPA each year for this very reason. If I ever talk to you about taxes, or brackets, or deductions, I’m lying. I’m making it up as I go.
  • Investments – Basically see “taxes” but replace brackets with mutual funds, and deductions with stocks.

I also can’t DO a great many things. Naming all of them is a bit moot, I think. BUT I thought it might be fun to feature a thing I do do well and know a fair bit about every once in a while! Let’s call it Here’s a Thing I Do!

So … my first installment of this is … Knitting!

Am I a fantastic knitter? No. I’m not even the best knitter in my extended family. (My Mother-in-law like LEGIT knits awesome socks and wearable sweaters all the time.)

Am I better at knitting than the things on the list above? YES!

I’ve been knitting for about ten years, ever since I got a job working at a local JoAnn’s and decided to try some of the crafty things I was helping sell. My favorite things to knit are fingerless gloves, hats, and Christmas stockings.

During our first year married, I knit these stockings for my husband and myself. (Disclaimer: I did NOT make the elf. He was purchased from an adorable Christmas market.)

Aaaand I just finished this set of three Christmas stockings for my brother, his wife, and their on-the-way baby!!!

Anyway, just thought I’d share. There’s a thing I do. What are some things you do well? Thanks for stopping by!