The Fear and Meow

The Fear and Meow

Series: A Whiskers and Words Mystery, book 8

Will release fall of 2023

He went too fur.

The town of Button, Washington is already as “cute as a button” with its sewing themed streets, quaint buildings, and colorful pastel window trimmings. But Godfrey Crane thinks the town can be even better. That’s why he founds the Button Beatification Society. From its inception, the organization receives vocal opposition from locals, especially one of Louisa’s bookshop regulars, Cricket. 

Cricket doesn’t hold back when it comes to Godfrey and his organization, so when Lou finds the man murdered, all eyes turn to Cricket. Even though she has an alibi, she’s not out of trouble yet. Convinced that the killer came from within his own organization, Cricket hatches a plan to infiltrate the Beautification Society and use the murder to take it down once and for all. She enlists Lou and her friends to help. And while Lou tags along mostly to keep Cricket safe, she quickly feels like she’s in too deep and worries if any of them will get out alive. 


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