Literally Offed

Literally Offed

Thoreau found peace in the woods. All Pepper finds is trouble.

Series: Pepper Brooks Cozy Mysteries, Book 4

Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than a dead body. Pepper Brooks planned a peaceful week in the woods with friends to get away from the stress of daily life. When her dog, Hamburger, sniffs out a murder victim, suddenly the woods feel as far from the tranquil Walden Pond as possible. 

Pepper and Alex refuse to let law enforcement brush the case aside… they know there’s more to the story. Their investigation unearths long-buried secrets from Pine Crest’s past, some of which hit uncomfortably close to home. 

This case is more than a murder mystery. For Pepper, it just got personal. 

Readers, this is the fourth book in a literary-themed cozy series. If you believe books should be enjoyed out in nature and taking a walk in the woods fills your soul with each step, then you’ll love this mystery. And if Thoreau’s not your jam, no worries, each book features a different classic author. 😉 Happy reading! 

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