Literally Finished

Literally Finished

Series: Pepper Brooks Cozy Mysteries, Book 6

Oliver Twisted

When Pepper and Alex get an invite to visit Professor Ferguson in England, they jump at the chance. They need a break from wedding planning, and Pepper’s always wanted to visit the birthplace of Charles Dickens. During a walking tour through London, the two become entangled in yet another murder investigation. Between the setting of the crime and the fact that the victim was an ornery foster father fitting of the pages of a Dickens novel, Pepper can’t help but make connections to Oliver Twist. The police see a connection right away, too, taking the eldest foster child away in handcuffs. 

But as the clues begin to unfold, Pepper realizes this death may connect the two cities in Dickens’ most famous novel, and that this mystery may be deeper and darker than anyone could’ve imagined. 

Readers, this is the sixth and final book in a literary-themed cozy series. If you love a down-on-their-luck main character and sometimes read aloud in a British accent, then this book is for you. And if Dickens isn’t your jam, no worries, each book features a different classic author. 😉 Happy reading! 


Click HERE to see a photo tour of England that follows the plot of the book!

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