An Unexpected Vacancy

An Unexpected Vacancy

Series: A Pebble Cove Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery, book 2

Releases June 14th

Callie and the Gull’s Nest are back in the spotlight when a high-profile guest books a room at the bed-and-breakfast. When the man doesn’t show up for his reservation, Callie thinks it was too good to be true. Everyone is shocked when his body washes up in a dinghy the next morning. Once she gets past her assumptions that everyone liked the man, it becomes clear that more than one person might’ve wanted the business mogul dead. Even though Callie trusts her adoptive father to figure out the mystery, she can’t resist using her ghostly contacts to help him narrow the suspect pool.

When Callie gets the call dreaded by anyone in a relationship with an officer of the law, she drops everything to go to the hospital in the neighboring city of Alderbrook. But time in a new city helps her see details about the murder in a different light, and Callie finds herself pulled back into the investigation. Will her involvement be enough to catch the killer before they slip away for good?

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