A Whisker of Danger

A Whisker of Danger

Series: A Whiskers and Words Mystery, book 6

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Finding a body in your garden center is kind of a big dill

It’s grand opening time for Willow’s nursery. Louisa’s best friend is brimming with nerves, sure something’s going to go wrong. It doesn’t help that her beloved pygmy goat, Steve, has recently gone missing. To make matters worse, on the morning of her first day of business, Willow shows up to find her front gate wide open. She should be worried if anything has been stolen, but she’s more concerned with the body lying cold in the middle of the succulents. 

When the victim is identified as an auditor for the department of agriculture with documentation showing Willow was in possession of plants prohibited for sale in the state, the local police look at her as their prime suspect. Willow, distraught, swears the auditor was mistaken. With a little digging, Lou discovers that Willow wasn’t the only one to have issues with the deceased man. It looks like they’ll have to venture into Brine, the pickle-themed town next door, to find allies if they have any hope of proving Willow’s innocence. 

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