A Staged Corpse

A Staged Corpse

Series: A Stoneybrook Mystery, Book 12

A body is never good for a room’s feng shui …

The McKays’ divorce played out in the unforgiving public eye, mirroring Sheriff Mark McKay’s humiliating defeat in the recent election. Just as it seems everyone is ready to move on, Mark is discovered lifeless, right in the middle of one of his ex-wife, Courtney’s, meticulously staged houses.

The talented interior decorator finds herself at the epicenter of the accusations. Despite the town’s speculative murmurs, Hadley and her friends are unwavering in their belief of her innocence. 

In a case where appearances can be deceiving, it will require a discerning eye and unwavering determination to unearth the truth. The puzzle surrounding Mark’s demise becomes a complex tapestry of secrets. Hadley and the gang are determined to see justice prevail, confident that the interior decorator they’ve embraced as a member of their community is far from a killer.

Recipes included: Blackberry plum jam and cranberry butter

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