A Secret Staircase

A Secret Staircase

Series: A Murder at the Morrisey Mystery, book 2

Coming summer 2023!

Meg Dawson and the rest of the Morrisey residents can’t handle anymore surprises in their beloved downtown Seattle apartment building. 

So, when Meg finds a hidden staircase leading down to the famous Seattle Underground, she’s tempted to turn back. The area was supposed to be closed off long ago. But turning back isn’t so easy when she stumbles on not one, but two bodies in the hidden space. And even though the two deaths are separated by a century, the victims have more in common than Meg first realizes. 

Meg must sort through the Underground’s storied past to find the truth about who took the two lives and why if she has any hope of stopping it from happening once more. This time, the next body might not take a hundred years to show up.