A Score to Kettle

A Score to Kettle

Series: Pebble Cove Teahouse Mysteries

Pebble Cove residents were wary of the new commune at The Pines even before someone ended up dead. 

Rosemary is excited to cater her first even at the newly opened commune’s full moon festival. When a young woman is found murdered in her yurt, it’s clear these rich wannabe hippies aren’t as peaceful as they pretend. 

As the investigation unfolds, Rosemary realizes these commune members have more secrets than they do trust funds. She can’t help but feel Chief Clemenson is, again, one step behind.

In addition to working the case, being at The Pines provides the perfect opportunity to investigate Asher’s death. Solving any mystery is difficult; solving one over a century old seems almost impossible. But just as Rosemary starts to make headway in both cases, a violent storm rolls in from the sea. Will the wind and rain wash away any hope of finding the murderer?

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