A Poisoned Package

A Poisoned Package

Series: A Murder at the Morrisey, book 3

After two murders on the premises, the manager of the Morrisey has cracked down on who has access to the building, buying the residents a few months of peace. But the increased security hasn’t made them immune to porch pirates. Packages are disappearing almost as soon as they’re delivered. 

The joke is on the thief when one of the packages contains poisoned truffles, and they consume what was meant for someone else. Another body in the Morrisey puts a damper on the upcoming holiday season.

Learning she was the intended target of the chocolates, overly dramatic Winnie Wisteria is inconsolable and quick to point fingers. But as the threats escalate, secretive Winnie must let the other residents into her life if she wants to stay alive. Helping her figure out who wants her dead takes Meg and her ghostly pals into the spotlight of Seattle’s theater scene. But when everyone’s acting, who can Meg believe? And will she find the killer before it becomes someone’s final curtain call?

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