A Patchwork Case

A Patchwork Case

Series: A Stoneybrook Mystery, Book 10

This case has Stoneybrook on pins and needles …

The pink-and-white awning of Stoneybrook’s newest shop, Patchwork Quilts, has locals seeing red. Regardless of the warm welcome the town gave her, Mabel Bailey seems bent on sewing the seeds of competition with Frannie’s Quilt Stop. Slashing prices is one thing, but stealing quilt designs is a crafting faux pas. 

When Hadley finds Mabel dead in her quilt shop, the townspeople have to face the terrible truth that one of their own might have taken her out. Or was she running from someone in her past? Honestly, the Stoneybrook rumor mill is out of control, and Hadley’s having a hard time figuring out the truth. 

With Paul out of town, and Kevin preoccupied with his campaign for sheriff, Hadley might be the only one who can solve this case. But is even Hadley unprepared for the dark reasoning behind Mabel’s death? Because it’s about to get even worse than it seams. 

Recipes included: Meyer lemon marmalade and bergamot-honey syrup.


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