A Grilled Suspect

A Grilled Suspect

Series: A Stoneybrook Mystery, Book 9

No roast for the wicked …

Everyone in Stoneybrook is on edge as a high-profile trial takes place up north in the city of Cascade Ridge. They’re excited for justice to be served, and the boost in business as onlookers flock to the Cascade Valley doesn’t hurt either. But when the remains of the main suspect in the case show up just outside of Stoneybrook in a burnt vehicle, they realize something sinister is at play.

Was it a freak accident? Or did one of the victims take revenge, just in case the jury wouldn’t convict?

With Paul tied up in the case, it’s up to Hadley to help Suze with wedding planning. But when the investigation points to a local couple, it’s up to Hadley and the gang to hold the real killer’s feet to the fire.

Recipes included: rosemary chicken and smashed potatoes

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