A Body in 3B

A Body in 3B

Series: A Murder at the Morrisey Mystery, book 1

In the heart of downtown Seattle, a quirky building is home to a cast of eccentric residents, both living and not. 

When Meg Dawson moves back to the Morrisey after quitting her career as an artist, she thinks she’s found a safe haven. But when she discovers a murdered resident, Meg realizes that her sanctuary may not be as secure as she thought. 

It quickly becomes clear that the police are lacking an important piece of the investigative puzzle. Because of her ability to communicate with ghosts, Meg has information about the man’s death no one else knows. Ripley, Meg’s ghostly best friend, is confident they can solve the mystery and keep the rest of the residents safe. 

Meg and her friend must navigate strange happenings and unravel the secrets of their building before it’s too late.

This new series from Eryn Scott follows Meg and a lovable cast of residents, both living and not, as they navigate strange happenings in their eccentric downtown Seattle building. This series is clean, without swearing or gore. While each mystery is a standalone, the series is best read in order to avoid spoilers. 


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