A Bitter Shot

A Bitter Shot

This barista’s in a whole latte trouble …

Series: A Stoneybrook Mystery, Book 7

The new barista at Cascade River Coffee is Stoneybrook’s new obsession. Everyone loves Max and his latte art … until he’s found standing over a body, a smoking gun in hand. The coffee company’s owner, Wendy, is desperate to prove her most popular employee is not guilty. She seeks out Hadley’s help with the case.

As Hadley, Paul, Suze, and Luke join together to discover the truth about the murder, they uncover more secrets than they bargained for. The victim was a Seattle-based journalist, and he was working to spill the beans on a few big scandals. But will Hadley and the gang be able to prove any of this was grounds for murder?

Recipes included: Spiced coffee blossoms and cinnamon pecan biscotti!

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