As we start a new year, I find myself so incredibly excited for what 2020 will bring and so grateful for my readers’ support. Thank you for your messages of support and all the words of mine you’ve read throughout the year. I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at what’s in the works for me this year.

But FIRST … If you haven’t read it yet, A GLAZED FINISH released in November. People are saying it’s one of their favorites yet.

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Juicy Secrets and Rescue Kittens!

Happy Birthday, America!

I got you something … my new book, A JUICY MURDER!

It’s the perfect July read!

It’s summertime in Stoneybrook and the town is on a juicing kick. Will the fad last after a woman is found strangled in the alley next to the juice bar? Find out in the fifth Stoneybrook Mystery.

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Here’s another thing I do!

Hi. Welcome to the second installment of “Here’s a thing I do.”

In this one, I focus on HIKING!

Okay, so hiking. Here’s the deal. I’m definitely a day hiker. I’ve backpacked overnight, but I definitely prefer sleeping in my own comfy bed after a hard day’s work. Also, I’m not particularly good at hiking. In addition to being an unapologetic fair weather hiker, I also have to stop a lot and take my time, and I ALWAYS end the day with bruised toenails (which makes me highly suspicious I’m doing something wrong). But I love it.

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New Release!

Book five is live! Here’s the synopsis:

“I love you to death”

Winter quarter of grad school has Pepper living and breathing Brontë sisters. When a body is found near the mysterious mansion on the hill, Pepper is too close to the victim for comfort… and perhaps the killer.

Pepper’s interest in the case becomes an obsession when Alex is threatened. Between mysterious notes, long-buried secrets, and that feeling someone is watching, Pine Crest starts to feel a whole lot like the gothic moors of Wuthering Heights. The line between love and obsession is as thin as a knife’s blade—literally—and it’s up to Pepper to find the killer before they strike again.

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Did you know?

Each time I publish an audiobook, I get codes to give out so people can listen to the book for free? The only thing I ask for in return is that you leave an honest review on Amazon and Audible to help other prospective buyers. That’s it! Did you also know that I’ve had a bunch of new audio release over the past few months??? The first three of the Stoneybrook mysteries are now available in audiobook. If you’re interested in listening to any (or all) of these, let me know. Also, today marks the release of this little beauty! After a hitch or two with another narrator, Rainbow finally joins the others in the series on audio. Kelsey does such an awesome job voicing Rainy’s story. I love this book and loved listening to her bring it to life. Read more …