Behind the Scenes! - ERYN SCOTT

Behind the Scenes!

Ever wish you could get a closer look at one of the maps in my books?

Ever wish you could listen to the music I listened to while I wrote the book?

Ever wonder, What are Eryn’s plans with this series?

Ever wonder how I picture my characters?

Ever wonder which very real places inspired the fictional towns in my books?

Well, I have GREAT NEWS for you! I’ve created behind the scenes pages for each of my series (including my brand new series releasing this summer). It’s like getting a backstage pass and a behind the scenes interview with me all in one!

NEW SERIES – Murder at the Morrisey Mysteries

Whiskers and Words Mysteries

Pebble Cove Teahouse Mysteries

Stoneybrook Mysteries

Pepper Brooks Mysteries (This series has the least “stuff” just because I bounced around a lot with my playlists and this was before I started saving pictures of my characters.)

Hope you enjoy!