Aggressive Optimism - ERYN SCOTT

Aggressive Optimism

You know that annoying thing that happens when the person you are while shopping for groceries is an entirely different person than the person who has to eat said groceries? Like, grocery shopping me is sure we’re going to eat salad every day and that we definitely do not need sugar. But all mid-week me wants is a piece of chocolate.

That same thing has happened between writing me and the me who wrote out my release schedule for the year. I’m not sure how that lady thought I could travel to London for research in October and release Literally Finished the next month, but okay. Lol. At least she was ambitious.

All this is to say that I’m probably not going to have Literally Finished in your hands in November as my release schedule states. BUT it is next on my writing schedule, so after I return from London, I will get started drafting. I’m hoping that I can have it out before the end of the year, but if not it will be out in January for sure. I can’t wait to dive back into Pepper’s world.

Stay tuned for London pics starting next week!